56 Marius-Warnet

56 Marius-Warnet is one of our large-scale industrial projects. The client company was looking to move its logistics operations to one optimized place.

Our role in this Design & Build project was to bring the facade of a prefabricated building up to municipal standards. We also took steps to get permits, soil surveys and interim financing.

A project of this magnitude is done over a year, during which time our client can count on a trusted partner every step of the way. To date, we’ve completed 26 projects for this client.


Project type
Design and Build
Year of construction
Surface area
20,000 sq. ft.
Absolute height
28 feet
Completion time
9 months

We constructed a space free of structures, easy for forklifts to navigate.

Every detail was worked out to maximize operational efficiency and keep merchandise and vehicles flowing.

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