Our clients’ challenges are our own

Builders of value

The same energy we put into keeping our clients on schedule and on budget we put into building relationships, teams, skills and project charters.

  • Experienced, reliable and agile general contractors.
  • Dedicated to managing your projects.
  • With the confidence and commitment to build something strong and lasting together.

Our drive to build goes beyond walls

  1. 1. We are champions of project management

    Our clients’ challenges are our own. We are committed to understanding our client’s brand and requirements from the get-go of any assignment.

    A successful project depends on the ability to handle the unexpected. Our teams are certified in project management and we make follow-up as straightforward as possible.

  2. 2. Dedicated and tech-forward

    Technology makes us more efficient and gives us an advantage against labour shortages. Our shift to technology means we can help our talent with more repetitive tasks.

  3. 3. Transition leaders

    We’re evolving how we do things to minimize our footprint and that of our clients through more conscious, circular practices. We want to leave our world and our work sites better than when we arrived.

Services you can count on

EDP Construction offers a full range of services for commercial, residential and industrial design and construction, on top of the quality workmanship for which we’re renowned.

  • Lump sum contracts

    Lump sum contracts are often projects open to a call for bids with well-defined plans. Our team of specialists can provide a precise project budget based on plan specifications and estimates.

    Commercial: Shops, offices, businesses of all kinds
    Industrial: Workshops, factories and other industrial buildings
    Institutional: Hospitals, churches, schools, childcare centres
    Residential: Multi-unit

  • Project Management

    Our team members have experience with a range of projects, which is why we’re well-suited to provide project management for our clients’ construction projects. This option includes client support through each phase of the project, from initial outline to delivery. In addition, projects can roll out in phases, even before they’re completely finalized. This service comes with the opportunity to redefine projects underway and cope with budget changes.

  • Turnkey projects

    With a turnkey project, we manage and coordinate all stakeholders and partners involved (architects, engineers and other professionals). This approach allows us to develop and design a project that meets the client’s needs, then build and commission the project within a set budget and timeline. This is a comprehensive option for the client and a one-stop shop for bringing their project to life.

    We work within deadlines and manage work responsibilities to ensure best value for money and efficient project completion.

  • A History of Builders


    EDP Construction begins as a family business. Dominic’s parents are a source of support for the young entrepreneur.

    In our first year, we hire our first employee, Mr. Ménard, who still works at EDP to this day.

    Our first offices in Sainte-Thérèse welcomed 9 employees in 2000 expanding to 30 in 2003.

    First projects for our long-time client, Salons funéraires Guay, a leader in funeral services on the North Shore of Montreal. We’ve carried out 145 projects of all sizes for this client.

    EDP conquers the South Shore. We finish our first multiplex residential project, hitting the million dollar project milestone.

    Building your own head office is every construction contractor’s dream. We made it come true five years after we started.

    We hire six employees who are still part of the team. For us, loyalty is a two-way street.
    Thank you Pierre, Sylvie, Jean-François, Nicole, Marcel and Micheline.

    Our first family picnic, now a big EDP tradition.

    Introduction of electronic transactions. Technology makes its way into our daily operations.

    We celebrate our 10th anniversary and complete our first project in Ontario – our first project for McDonald’s. We’ve done more than 15 since then! The need for construction knows no borders.

    Starbucks has turned to us for 129 projects since 2010. Talk about a relationship built on trust!

    We invest in the second generation! Between 2010 and 2015, the children of five employees come to join the next line of construction workers.

    We take on our first LEED project for Starbucks.

    Our partnership with CST/Parkland begins. We’ve taken on 132 projects since.

    Sobey’s chooses us, entrusting us with 35 projects since.

    Canadian Tire entrusts us with the first of three projects completed for them since.

    We receive the Gold Helmet Award for OHS Excellence: zero incidents or accidents.

    EDP celebrates 20 years right before Quebec goes on pause.

    A major project is in the works: the reveal of our new corporate identity.

    Industrial and commercial redevelopment

    Builders at heart, we see opportunities to strengthen our region’s industrial and commercial vitality. We leverage our expertise to restore outdated sites and locations, leaving value in our wake.

    We’ve carried out redevelopment projects in four provinces in Canada.

    • Québec
    • Maritime provinces
    • Ontario
    • Western Canada

    56 Marius-Warnet

    • Project typeIndustrial
    • LocationBlainville
    • Year of construction2020
    • Surface area20,000 sq. ft.
    • StatusLeased

    4 Galloway St.

    • Project typeIndustrial
    • LocationMoncton NB
    • Year of construction2013
    • Surface area5,600 sq. ft.
    • StatusLeased

    3166 Mainway St.

    • Project typeIndustrial
    • LocationBurlington
    • Year of construction2011
    • Surface area13,600 sq. ft.
    • StatusLeased

    10 Manitoba Court

    • Project typeIndustrial
    • LocationSpruce Grove AB
    • Year of construction2015
    • Surface area7,200 sq. ft.
    • StatusLeased

    Let’s build your next project together

    Become a builder

    EDP Construction is always on the lookout for professionals ready to build a better, more sound and sustainable tomorrow.