Les Entreprises Dominic Payette Ltée.


PlanEDP offers a wide range of services for commercial, industrial and residential projects, including quality workmanship that built its reputation.

Lump sum contract

  • Commercial: Shops, offices, businesses of all kinds
  • Industrial: Workshops, factories and other industrial buildings
  • Institutional: Hospitals, churches, schools, childcare centers
  • Residential: Single-family, multi-tenants dwellings
  • Base Building

Project management

The experience of each member of the EDP team in various project activities allows us to offer our customers management for their building project. This experience includes client support in all phases of the project, from initial definition to completion. It also allows for the start of a step-by-step project even if the entire design has not been completed yet. This management approach makes it possible to redefine any project underway and cope with budget changes.

Turnkey projects

EDP provides support and coordinates all stakeholders and partners (architects, engineers and other professionals) involved in a turnkey project. This allows us to develop and design the project according to customer requirements and to build and commission it within set cost parameters and deadlines. This alternative offers customer an integrated one-stop approach to carry out the project.

Compliance with deadlines and management of work responsibilities aim at ensuring the best value for money to efficiently complete your project.